‘Fishing Lessons’ – Review of a Book about Sustainable Fisheries

Why Sustainable, Locally-Operated Fisheries Matter

We can’t really promote sustainable food and business practices unless we understand the issues – many of which are complex.  That’s why books like ‘Fishing Lessons’ reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, recently, are important.

The book explains how small scale ‘artisanal’ fishermen with a long-term interest in their local economies tend to practice sustainable fishing methods and why that’s important to marine conservation and the health of local coastal communities.

It goes on to explain and critique the way fisheries are managed, by government agencies using methods like the Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ) (stay with me!).

ITQ’s are allotted (by a government agency) amounts of fish that can be caught by an individual. The problem is that they can be transferred – sold or rented – and tend to get bought up by large fishing companies.  These larger corporate entities tend to have less long term interest in the health of oceans and marine life or the vitality of local fishing economies.

Lots of stuff to think about!


Read the full article here – WSJ – ‘Fishing Lessons’ book review.




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