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Our Brands

These are some of the other brands and Pan-Asian concepts we have to offer.

We invite customers to discover products that they can feel great about, are inclusive and push the culinary boundaries of sushi.
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Wok Street brings the most popular flavors and spices from East & Southeast Asia together for its signature rice & noodle bowls. Bowls are made to order for every customer, and simple choices leave the guess work out and make for a great experience each time.
An Izakaya is a great place to have fun over drinks and food with friends and family. Izakaya service is different. There are no courses, appetizers or entrées. It’s like Japanese tapas and each dish will just come when it’s ready. You can order as much as you want to start, but don’t worry, you can order more throughout the meal.
Genji Ramen brings an authentic Japanese experience with a large variety of ramen options. The Ramen Bars include a dining area to enjoy a cozy and pleasant ambiance. It also allows you to take your ramen on the go.
There’s a whole lot to love at Fire Leaf. Authentic bowls of Ramen, flavor-packed pan-Asian stir fry and premium bubble tea. Everything is customizable to your tastes. You could literally have something new 365 days a year!
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Nestled in the heart of New York City with striking views of historic Bryant Park, Sushi Kano is a premier sushi bar from Genji. The name draws inspiration from Japanese Kano art, known for its focus on the four seasons. We apply the same artful and seasonal approach to our chef-curated menu.
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Kei Jei Kitchen takes our most popular Japanese street food categories and re-imagines them with a Korean twist.
Tam Tam Ramen has unique offerings including our special signature Tam Tam Ramen, Japanese fried chicken, bubble tea, mochi and more. There’s something for everyone at this full service restaurant.
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