OK, we’re just going to come out and say it:

We know a thing or two about in-store sushi.
Under our Genji banner, we’ve been Whole Foods’ leading supplier of in-store sushi, since 1997.

As a Japanese company, we’ve been characteristically modest about this until now.
But we’re now ready to tell our story to the larger grocery and foodservice worlds, and we genuinely feel we have some powerful ideas (and food!) to bring to the asian food category – one of the fastest-growing food segments in the U.S.

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mai’s mission

to become the #1 provider of sustainable and responsible japanese-inspired cuisine

Mai’s Core Values


  • treat people with respect
  • have a positive impact on others
  • develop and support  each other

Products & Services

  • provide delicious sustainable food and exceptional service
  • follow the highest safety standards
  • promote health and well-being


 (customers, clients, vendors)

  • exceed expectations
  • create “win-win” opportunities
  • communicate openly and clearly


  • respect the environment
  • serve and support our communities
  • lead in sustainable and eco-friendly sourcing

Why Mai?

  • We are authentic:

    • A true blend of Asian/US food culture.
    • We have assembled a world-class team of chefs, ingredients specialists, and quality-assurance professionals, unrivalled in the US.

  • We are innovative:

    • We understand that the roots of great food are the ingredients that go into it.
    • We do our own consumer research, and food research and are deeply immersed in Asian food trends, globally.
    • We’re not just Japanese food or sushi, but truly Pan-Asian in depth and breadth.

  • We are Healthy

    • We only use high quality ingredients.
    • What does this mean? Foods that are free of artificial flavoring, preservatives or coloring.

  • We are Sustainable

    • We focus on the traceability of our ingredients, so we know where they come from. This applies to both the seafood species and the rice, noodles and other ingredients we use.
    • And because we trace these supply-chains, we can then be sure that these ingredients were caught, raised or manufactured in ways that don’t harm the environment.

  • Food Safety

    • Industry-leading food safety training processes.
    • Our food-safety department is actually is involved in educating the FDA about food-safety issues related to sushi products.

Our Clients


  • “Love, love the sushi (went twice this week just for that). The gentleman making sushi is fast and super friendly and you can ask to have something special made. Some of the best sushi I have had in a very long time.”Leg Up Farmers Market Customer
  • “When we first put the venue in place, the flavors hit home – it’s a great price point in a meal. It feels like a full meal, and it’s the perfect lunch size as well as dinner size. [Working with Genji] was a really good, collaborative process, and we got to a point where we get a high caliber, fast-service venue that offered choice, as well as some authenticity, and I think it’s something that the urban customer of London really loves.”
    Michael Weber, Executive Coordinator, Purchasing & Distribution, Whole Foods Market, UK
  • “I like spicy food. It’s got the Chashu pork in there. It’s got the seaweed.  The broth has more flavor. I add the crispy fried garlic. It adds that little extra something, pop, to the broth. That’s a really nice touch that you don’t get at other places.”
    Jose Flores, Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, Fairlakes, VA
  • “You know, when the Ramen started in this store, we really saw great customer reaction. The customers have really enjoyed it, and we’ve got a nice full bar here of people enjoying the ramen. Ramen is great.  It’s certainly brought a lot of attention to the store, and it’s certainly brought a lot of customers to the store.  I think [Genji has] been a great partner to work with. It’s a new, fresh approach; something people can sit down and eat, something warm. I think it’s also something different; a little newer, more modern. They’ve been a pleasure for me to work with.”
    Michael Weber, Executive Coordinator, Purchasing & Distribution, Whole Foods Market, UK

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